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When we breed, choosing the right combination of Dam and Sire offers the opportunity for you to have a puppy with a pedigree that includes a National Field Champion Labrador Retriever . This very strong breeding offers these puppies strong health and genetics as well as desirable attributes — keen intelligence, strong desire to please, trainable attitude, wonderful loving personality and a true hunting or family companion.

Bailiwick Retrievers is one of the best Labrador breeders because we focus on the health and comfort of our parents and puppies. We raise working and field lab puppies for sale. These puppies make great duck hunting and shed hunting dogs. Our litters are socialized and handled from the day they arrive. if you don’t live in Georgia, we can transport your puppy safely to any location in the United States. 


Scientific date thru the years says the optimal time to send puppies to the new home is at seven weeks. This is the best age for adapting to their new environment. The first behavioral fear period occurs during this time. Separating helps to build resiliency to new experiences.

You will be notified when your pup is born on the date he/she will be ready to pick up. We take great attention to order of pick and travel time to assist in making this as easy as possible for everyone.

If you are unable to pick up your puppy on that date, you will be charged $250 per week.


The First two pups are Casey/Cash pups just opening their eyes.

The second three chocolate labs are Annie/Cash crew enjoying their first meal……

The third three pictures are Belle/Diesel black pups now that is a very happy crew.

The last four pictures are our newest additions Dallas/Cash new pups…… 

Bailiwick Contact Info:
Rip 770 324 0683


If you do not have a Facebook account, email us for pictures and video.

Puppies can be shipped throughout the U.S. All costs for transportation (airfare), travel kennel transportation and vet health certificate will be the responsibility of the new owner. For Delta Cargo Live Animal Shipping Information please click here.

You can make a deposit by mailing $200.00 or pay online…
We accept Paypal (there will be a $6.10 fee for using paypal)
Paypal deposit needs to be $206.10

The Puppies of Bailiwick