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At Bailiwick Retrievers, we know that healthy, well-bred parents produce strong litters. When we breed, choosing the right combination Dam and Sire offers the opportunity for you to have a puppy with a strong pedigree which includes National Field Champions. This very strong breeding offers these puppies strong health and genetics, as well as, desirable attributes, keen intelligence, strong desire to please, trainable attitude, wonderful loving personality and a true hunting or family companion. We take great pride in our adult labs and our puppies. We raise purebred puppies that are OVER THE TOP. We take great pride in our Yellow Labs as well as our Chocolate and Black labs, which is our favorite?….. Let me see believe I would have to say either yellow, chocolate or black.
We accept deposits on puppies as soon as we announce the breeding. The order of choice is 1st deposit, 1st choice and so on. We accept 4 deposits on each male and female, and then start a waiting list. We typically have deposits on litters before they are born. We are always available to help in any way, answer questions, furnish pictures and pedigree. We video the puppies so you can watch your puppy grow and socialize.

We take great pride in introducing our girls below…..They are all a very strong part of our life and are family members in high standing..

Please feel free to call us with any questions.

Bailiwick Contact Info:

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Lisa 303 408 1920
Barbara 770 851 8813



****CASEY/TATER PUPS ARE DUE THE FIRST WEEK IN FEBRUARY 2018. This is a rebred producing awesome pups ****


Chocolate lab hunting puppies for sale

Bailiwicks You Go Girl “Casey”

Bailiwicks You Go Girl “Casey”

Dam: Championlabs’ Aces High Wager “Annie’
Sire: GDB’s Loaded Ten Gauge MH “Gauge”
OFA: Good
EIC: Normal
CNM: Normal

Casey is a very strong muscular athletic 65 pound chocolate female. She loves with every inch of her body. Her goal in life is to please you, if you are happy she has accomplished her goal. Retrieve, “Got It” she is a true pleasure to train. The more action the better in her eyes. At the end of the day she is not hard to find, she is at your feet. She has a very strong pedigree. NFC Clubmead’s Road Warrior, 2xNFC NAFC 2x CNFC CNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac NAFC FC Carbon Copy of Horn Creek

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Watch for a rebred of Annie/Tater in January 2018. This is a very strong breeding producing incredible pups.

We breed chocolate lab hunting puppies for sale.

Bailiwick’s Annie Get Your Gun “Annie”

Annie is a very strong active 62 pound female. Retrieve ??, not a problem, that is her middle name, she can outlast the best. Her personality will capture your heart. She loves to please and is devoted and loving. She is the whole package.

Bailiwick’s Annie Get Your Gun “Annie”

OFA: Good
EIC: Clear thru parentage
CNM: Clear thru parentage
Dam: Ten Bears Miss Lilliam
Sire: HRCH Gator Point’s Bayou Chopper SH

She is a dandy with a very strong pedigree. Annie is a very strong, active 62 pound chocolate female. Retrieving is her middle name, she can outlast the best of the best. Active, strong, smart, personality beyond belief, loving and devoted, she is all of these and more. She is happy working and retrieving all day but will lay across your feet when it is time to go home.

Check out her pedigree:
NAFC FC Hattie McBunn (on both Dam and Sire side) NFC AFC Storms Riptide Star
(on both Dam and Sire side)
2x NAFC GC AFC Ebonstar Lean Mac
11 Field Champions/Amateur Field Champions

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AKC Pedigree

Jet/Diesel Watch for breeding May 2018. This is a very strong breeding

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Bailiwicks The Sky Is The Limit “Jet”

Sire-Fern Cobble’s Southern Detour MH
Dam-Lincoln Creek’s Just Do It

OFA– Good
EIC: Clear
CNM: Clear

Jet is a beautiful 65 pound lab with a total “Love of Life”.She is very smart and has a personality beyond belief.
She loves retrieving and is very quick to learn. Let her know what you
want her to do and consider it done.

She proudly presents
3 Master Hunters
5 National Field Champions/National Amateur Field Champions
14 Field Champions/Amateur Field Champions

AKC Pedigree


****Belle/Wynn puppies are due March 1-2 2018. this is a very strong breeding presenting 8 National Field Champions/National Amateur Field Champions in their combined pedigrees ****

Champion Bloodline Labrador Retrievers

Bailiwicks Belle of the Ball (Belle)

Sire: HRCH Stonewall’s Running on Empty (Ranger) QAA MH
Dam: Bailiwicks The Sky Is The Limit (Jet)
OFA: Good
EIC: Clear thru parentage
CNM: Clear thru parentage

Belle is 62 pounds of pure muscle and energy. She is a beautiful, strong female with a very strong desire to please and a personality that will make you smile. Her Mom, Jet, taught her well. They both love with their eyes and their goal in life is to please you. She has a strong pedigree presenting, 5 National Field Champions as well as 14 Field Champions. You do not have to tell her what you want her to do but once.

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AKC Pedigree


Kimber/Whiskey This is the fourth breeding producing beautiful awesome foxred/yellow puppies….Puppies are Due the First Week In January

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Litter photos

Bailiwick’s Locked and Loaded “Kimber”

OFA Excellent
Sire: Swamp Run’s Go Get ‘em Gator MH “Gator”
Dam: Bailiwick’s Jessica

Kimber is the total package, 62 pounds of pure energy. Her love is retrieving, if you have the time she has the energy.

She is dedicated, loving and very smart. Tell her what you want and she’ll deliver. Training her is a pleasure. She’ll work out whatever you want her to do. What a loving personality, she will put a smile on your face.

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AKC Pedigree

Sires/Studs Bailiwick uses in our breeding program

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Sire – HRCH UH Shadow’s True Grit
Dam – HR Blanchetts Raven Beauty
OFA: good
EIC: Clear
CNM: Clear
Elbows: Normal
Eyes: Normal

Whiskey is a very strong 65 pound fox red male. He has a very strong HR pedigree. His Grandfather is a Grand Hunter Retriever Champion and Great Grandfather a Grand Master Hunter Retriever Champion. Whiskey is the total package, very strong desire to please, received his Hunter Retriever Champion title and Master Hunter Title, has a loving personality making him a great hunting companion as well as a family dog. The combination AKC and UKC background of Kimber and Whiskey offers the opportunity to have a puppy with a keen intelligence, strong desire to please, trainable attribute, and a true hunting and family companion. Both have an unusual and beautiful dark yellow color.

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AKC Pedigree
UKC Pedigree
Black Labrador Retriever for Sale

HRCH Redline Skip code MH QAA “Tork”

OFA: Excellent
EIC CNM: Clear
Hips Elbow: Normal
Eyes: Normal

Tork is out of FC AFC Esprit’s Power Play (Pow) and FC AFC Hanna’s Eye Of The Tiger (Pride). He is hard charging and rock solid on the line. Great in the house and loves kids. Tork went 7 in a row to obtain his HRCH title and is currently preparing to run the Grand. He also went 6 back to back passes to earn his MH and qualified for the 2011 Master Nationals. He is a pleasure to hunt with and eager to do his part. He also presents in his pedigree 2xNAFC 2x CNAFC FC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac and NAFC FC Hattie McBunn.

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AKC chocolate lab puppies for sale

HRCH Wilson’s God Of Thunder “Thor”

OFA: Good
EIC: Clear thru parentage
CNM: Clear thru parentage
Eyes: Normal

Thor is a one of a kind dog! He has a ton of drive as well as extreme tractability. He is a great marking dog, and runs his blinds as hard as his marks 85 lbs of Intense Muscle, Brains and DRIVE!
Thor is truly a retrieving machine that knows no quit with an incredible nose and marking abilities! If he’s upright he’s hunting. If your looking for a stud to add desire to you pups, look no further!

Thor is a littermate to CFC CAFC Upon The Wings of an Answered Prayer “Ammo”. Ammo won her first derby at 8 months of age, and is the All Time High Point Derby Dog in AKC History.

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They Call Me Tater Salad “Tater”

OFA: Good
EIC and CNM: Clear
Eyes: Normal

Tater is a strong, athletic chocolate male, 68 pounds of pure muscle. Received his HRCH title at 21 months, Sire and Dam are both Master Hunters. He is very athletic with a strong desire to please. He has 100 Derby points. Tater presents 3 National Champions on both Dam and Sire side. 2xNAFC, 2x CNAFC FC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac, NFC FC AFC Storm’s Riptide Star, NAFC FC Hattie McBunn. 10 Field Champions/Amateur Field Champions and 3 Master Hunters

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National Field Champion Labrador Retriever

Shelbie Hit The Jackpot “Wynn”

Sire: FC AFC Hardscrabbles Powder My Buns
Dam: Little Saint Nikki QAA
OFA Good
EIC/CNM clear
Eyes: Normal

Wynn is a beautiful hard driving, athletic 63 pound male. Retrieving is his middle name. He has a very strong pedigree, Father, Grandfather and Grandmother on fathers side are all Field Champions.

He also has two National Champions in his pedigree 2xNAFC FC 2xCNAFC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac and NAFC FC Hattie McBunn. Wynn is the best of two worlds, very smart making him a pleasure to train along with a very loving personality which will put a smile on your face.

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Puppies can be shipped throughout the U.S. All costs for transportation (airfare), travel kennel transportation and vet health certificate will be the responsibility of the new owner. For Delta Cargo Live Animal Shipping Information please click here.

You can make a deposit by mailing $200.00 or pay online…
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