Registered Labrador Retriever Puppies

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Our Commitment as a Labrador Retriever Breeder:

We breed with working dogs out of the top Labrador Field Trial and Hunt Test bloodlines. We concentrate on Sporting Dogs, Hunting Dogs, Puppy training and of course, Family Companion puppies.

Our labrador retriever puppies carry the intelligence, trainability and instincts to go as far as you would like in Hunting Retrievers, resulting in top hunting companions and of course, first class Family Members. We have placed our lab puppies for Search and Rescue, Narcotic Dogs, to the government and individual trainers, and Agility Dogs.

Start early training: sit, here and stay. I am often asked, “Is it possible to have a hunting lab puppy who is also a member of the family?” ABSOLUTELY!! It is all in the training, our dogs even sleep in the bed BUT they know the house rules as well as learning the rules and requirements of a Hunt Test. Teaching what is acceptable from the beginning is very important. Getting a Hunting Labrador Retriever puppy that has the best of both worlds is very easy with great breeding. The intelligence this brings makes training easy.

All puppies are socialized from the first day they are born and introduced to birds at 5 weeks. They are introduced to crate and leash for easy obedience and house training.

Labs are naturally born to hunt and make wonderful companion dogs with a natural family oriented temperament.

The Labrador Retriever is unusually adaptable, obedient and kind-hearted. They are sociable, affectionate and loyal with a keen sense of smell. No wonder they are so popular!!!

What more can you ask for?

When we began looking for a puppy, we knew we wanted her to have a strong bloodline and come from a reputable breeder.  We did a lot of research and finally landed on the Kennels of Baliwick based on their breeding standards and credentialed dam and sire. We are so happy with our decision and feel our Sweet Reese Lee is truly a great-looking dog!  Although we are proud parents and are bias, I cannot tell you how many compliments we have received about Reese’s stature, beautiful face, and demeanor.  She is very affectionate and has demonstrated her ability to be a fabulous hunter time and time again.  Loud noises, not a problem; gun shy, not this pup; curious, you betcha!  And, let’s not forget, SMART!  Crate training was no problem with Reese and she had the basic obedience commands down in weeks.  On top of that, her keen sense of smell and alertness is unmatched.  She is high energy, super playful, and brings so much joy to our lives!  We are very grateful to Barbara and Tyler for the love and safekeeping of Reese after she was born and could not have asked for a greater first puppy buying experience!  Thanks again!
Adam & Susan Nichols, Atlanta, GA