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Puppy Training 101

An excellent bred puppy makes training a “Piece of Cake”, however, if you do not have the time to devote to starting your lab puppy off on the right foot, we offer the Advanced Puppy Training.

We also introduce them to a gunshot and water (weather willing) and we also start beginning retrieving with bumpers and birds. These activities get the puppies ready for Labrador Retriever waterfowl training, bird dog training and goose dog training. We teach your new friend the following:
• Crate Training
• House Breaking
• Walk on a Leash
• Early Obedience including Sit, Here, and Heel

Good manners are so important and makes life easier for you and your new friend. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding this advanced training.

Please call for availability, information and price.

Check on space available, we only take one puppy at one time. We can supply you with a list of excellent advanced trainers upon request.

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Advanced Fun… Getting the Idea

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Advanced Training Started Puppy 202

Need to get your new young lab ready to be a started dog, please call us for information on this program. 770 324 0683

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Hunt Test- Field Trial Training Recommendations

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Swamp Run Retrievers-Ray Shanks
Mossy Pond Retrievers-Brad Arrington
Champion Labs-Don Haas
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