Macy is 4 this month, and is such an awesome & smart dog! She loves chasing the tennis ball at the lake… and can leap so far! She could be in one of those type of water retrieving events…. she always wants to get to the ball first and usually does! She is the fastest dog we have ever had… and, solid muscle! She loves to hunt with the guys and to retrieve birds, but she is also content hanging out in the house and taking walks in the woods. She is a wonderful companion and such a great dog… I just wanted you know how happy we are to have found you and Baliwick. Best of wishes to you! Many thanks….
Linda Huband
Macy at the Lake: Labrador puppies for sale in VA


We can’t believe our Hank is already 6 months old! We continue to be amazed every day by how smart and wonderful he is. He loves hiking through the woods with us, and boy, he will retrieve all day long! I have attached some pictures of some water retrieves we were doing last weekend. We also did some skeet shooting – his first introduction to gunfire – and he was a champ! Didn’t bother him one bit. Everyone we come across comments on how handsome and well behaved he is. Thank you so much for our Hank! Hope you and yours are doing well.
Michele, Ian, and Hank
Master hunting retriever puppies


When we began looking for a puppy, we knew we wanted her to have a strong bloodline and come from a reputable breeder. We did a lot of research and finally landed on the Kennels of Baliwick based on their breeding standards and credentialed dam and sire. We are so happy with our decision and feel our Sweet Reese Lee is truly a great-looking dog! Although we are proud parents and are bias, I cannot tell you how many compliments we have received about Reese’s stature, beautiful face, and demeanor. She is very affectionate and has demonstrated her ability to be a fabulous hunter time and time again. Loud noises, not a problem; gun shy, not this pup; curious, you betcha! And, let’s not forget, SMART! Crate training was no problem with Reese and she had the basic obedience commands down in weeks. On top of that, her keen sense of smell and alertness is unmatched. She is high energy, super playful, and brings so much joy to our lives! We are very grateful to Barbara and Tyler for the love and safekeeping of Reese after she was born and could not have asked for a greater first puppy buying experience! Thanks again!
Adam & Susan Nichols, Atlanta, GA
golden retriever puppies for sale breeders

Dandy Andy

MAN WHAT A LAB! I took her out late yesterday a friend and I work our other labs a few days a week. I took her to the back waters of the Tennessee across the road from where we are building the log house. I work with her using a dokken dove it is small and she handles it great. Well I had a rope on it in case she did not bring it back. Will after two short cast I took it off because she was swimming like a fish. I will get a video and send you guys but is it crazy to see this young lab work as good as she does. She would drop the bird sometimes when she went from water to land but she would pick it up and bring it to me. I am going to try and make her puppy of the year in our club. I had a friend who is in the club and he said that she will be puppy of the year because she has what it takes.
Ron Burger commenting on Dandy Andy
Labrador retriever waterfowl training

John St Amant

In February of 2010 I tragically lost my four year old female lab. As hard as it was, I knew that I had to move on and find another dog. The problem was that I could not even imagine finding a dog that would have the looks and abilities of the one I lost. As an amateur trainer, I know that some dogs have what it takes to run in finished level hunt tests and others never will. My family has been breeding Labs for five generations and I have never owned a dog outside of that bloodline. My millitary deployment schedule prevented me from waiting for another family breed. After researching breeders from Texas to Virginia I settled on the Kennels at Bailiwick. I found that many breeders treated me like a number and did not really care about my situation. Mrs. Barbara Crouch at Bailiwick was honest, sincere, and very helpful. She gave me contact information so that I could speak with owners of pups from Bailiwick’s previous litters. Bailiwick Kennels breeds one litter at a time and gives complete attention to every pup. From day one the experience was very personal. Mrs. Barbara sent me email updates and photos on the puppy’s progress every few days. I could not have asked for a better experience. My puppy is excellent. Everything Mrs. Barbara and other Bailiwick puppy owners told me was spot on. When my puppy arrived at 7 weeks (my dad actually picked her up, it was a 700 mile drive for me), she had already been introduced to birds, basic commands, and the crate. She is now three months old and is almost completely obedience trained. She is extremely smart and picks up new commands every day. Her natural abilities are exceptional. She is athletic, coordinated, and swims like a fish. In addition to her abilities, she is a very good looking dog as well. Bottom line is that I am extremely pleased with everything about The Kennels at Bailiwick. I woud be more than happy to share my story with anyone interested in a Bailiwick puppy.
John W. St. Amant
Labrador retriever purebred puppies for sale


I just wanted to check in with you and see how you were doing. I purchased a pup from you last summer and we named him Ryder. You may or may not remember me but me and my girlfriend came up and got the little guy. You gave me a great deal on him and I am more than pleased with him. I wanted to let you know his progress and show you a picture of the little guy. He was off the Ranger and Lady litter. Ryder has been at Mossy Pond Retrievers with Brad Arington training him. He has been there since November and doing awesome. He finished the 4 month program in 2 and a half months. Since he was doing so well Brad urged me to leave him with him because he believes he will be a finished dog by June. His drive is through the roof and the hunt in him is unmatched. He hasn’t ran in any field trails yet because I haven’t given Brad the OK because I cant decide if i want be the one handling him but I might just let Brad do it. But he is defiantly ready to begin running. Anyways he is doing great and I just wanted to thank you again for helping me out and if there is anything I can ever do for you my contact information should be attached. Thanks again for the giving me the opportunity to own such a great hunting partner,
Alex Thigpin
Duck hunting labs for sale in Georgia


Jax is doing amazing, he has really came into his own. He is such a loving and playful pup, with a great attitude towards everything. He is already starting to understand some training but since he is only 9 weeks old, I’m not pushing it too much. His AKC registration was sent out today, and he went for his 9 week follow up shots and got micro chipped on saturday, he did amazing on the shots and chip. I’ve attached a few pictures of what he has done so far, he is already a water dog! I though you would enjoy to see how he is coming along, and he is a very special new member to me and my wife’s home. Thank you so much for him.
Darin Brewer
Jax is a full breed Labrador retriever puppy


Hello, Barbara, I thought you might like a report on Pepper. Charles had a few days off so he and Pepper went to the camp at Lake Village to mow. He has a professional dog trainer friend there, also. This morning, they went out with the friend to train dogs so Pepper could retrieve in a hunting test setup with the gun firing and a helper throwing the bumpers. Charles said she did great. The pro was very impressed by her water entry at only 3 months. He also said the loud gun did not distract her at all. We have been married 31 years and have owned a retriever for most of those years. Pepper is hands down the best of all retrievers we have ever seen at her age; that includes the ones we have owned, the ones we have seen at hunt tests, and the ones belonging to friends that Charles has helped train. Charles says her desire to retrieve is never ending. She is already steady at 3 months and taking a ‘back’ command. She loves the water and Charles thinks she will be a breeze to ‘force fetch’ when the time comes because she hardly ever drops the bumper even now. She sometimes makes an attempt to not bring the bumper to hand on land, but never on water (we’ve never had a 3 month old hold the bumper so well to hand.) In short, Pepper is outstanding. She was well worth the trip to Georgia ahead of all the tornados and the trip back around the destroyed Tuscaloosa. We are so glad we found your kennel online. Thank you for breeding such an excellent retriever.
Mikki Patterson
Pepper was one of our successfully trained hunting labs for sale


HI Barbara: Just wanted to say hi and let you know how Mac is doing. His 10 week checkup he weighed 22.6 lbs and is all legs. He is very active and goes everywhere with me. Last weekend we took him to Gatlinburg TN to hike and swim which he loved but after about 10 minutes in the cold water he hopped up in my arms and shivered and made puppy noises for 10 minutes. He is quiet in his crate so can go to hotels etc. and now rides in car in a dog harness and has gotten over the car sickness. Barbara he is unbelievably smart and thank goodness it is usually for good things. We keep him busy with chew toys so no furniture damage yet and he learns commands quickly but definitely needs to be kept active and challenged. We go walking 2-3 times a day which is hard with the heat and we have a lot of play time in the yard. He is either home with me or at work most days. We taught him to ring bells at the door to go out so only a few inside accidents but he rings to go out and play too. Can’t yell at him though because he always makes sure to at least squat and go a little bit so he can claim he rang them to go potty. He has started obedience classes and is learning the commands quickly. The place has agility courses and we took him to it to see what he thought and he tore his way through the course. The trainer says he is a natural for agility so we will be starting puppy agility next month. He loves water and has a little pool out back – and I can’t take a bath with him in the room or he keeps hopping in the tub. He is all boy and a handful but a fun handful. P.S. He points at birds and airplanes 🙂
Patti-Jo and MacLeod
Hunting labs for sale


Bailiwick kennels, just wanted to let you know what a smart dog I have she has done very well, there’s nothing else to ask for, retrieve, swim, house trained, every command!! Great bloodlines great labs!!!
Kris Henderson
Kymber was one of our Labrador retriever purebred puppies for sale


I hope you enjoy these pictures. I have a few videos of his first water retrieves as well as one from today retrieving out of a boat through decoys but I am not sure how to upload them in an e-mail. The last picture with us on a rock was taken just a few days ago. He is now 55 lbs (he was weighed at the vet today) and growing each day. Lacey and I are so proud of him and even though it has not always been easy we would not trade him for anything. Thank you so much Barbara for giving us this precious gift. He is truly one in a million and we love him dearly.
Thank you, Ryan, Lacey and Guy
Guy | Bird Dog Waterfowl


Brady is doing excellent! He’s already so smart and can sit, shake, and lay down! He also has perfected ringing the bell on the door when he needs to go to the bathroom and goes to his crate when we say kennel up. I’m definitely glad he is the one I ended up with !

Hannah Baird
Brady was one of our trained hunting dogs for sale

Miss. Malley

Words can’t express how much we absolutely adore our little Miss. Malley! She is growing so fast, weighing 16.2 lbs this past Monday. We are amazed at her intelligence for only 8 weeks old. We love watching how fascinated and excited she get when learning new things. She is so perfect and precious to us! Thank you so much for all your help. It was so sweet of you to keep us frequently updated throughout this process and always willing to help us anyway you could.. We truly appreciate it!
Maggie and Matt
Malley was one of our full breed chocolate lab puppies for sale

Randy’s Willow

It’s been awhile since I last sent you an update on Willow. She is progressing very well. We’ve been through the FF process and while she didn’t enjoy it she came through it like a champ. I have her on a whistle and we are working on our casting drills. She is FF to the pile and does a great job on that. She is now handling multiple bumpers and is steady to the shot…. She has had a couple hundred rounds shot over her head already. We just started her single blind retrieves and she is doing great. She has a lot of energy and enjoys working out every day.
Chocolate labs for sale near me

Hunters Cooper

Cooper has been nothing but the perfect dog. I had no issues with any type of obedience or house training. I know I am a little biased, but he has been the smartest lab that I have been around. He picked retrieving up so quickly and had a lot of drive to do so as early as 3 months. I have him at his trainer right now to finish up some retrieving work, but I had him moving and running blind retrieves at 50 yards by 6 months old. His best friend has been my mothers Shih Tzu and is extremely friendly with any dog that he meets. He has been nothing short of a blessing and a great companion to me.
Cooper is getting bird dog training


Hey Barbara! I just wanted to check in with you and tell you Maverick has been the best dog I could ask for. He’s extremely loving and has a strong will to please. He’s also had a really good first season of hunting.
Hunting lab puppies for sale in Georgia


So sorry for the delay in an update but we have been so busy enjoying June! She is absolutely perfect! She slept the majority of the ride home. She is adapting well to Florida and has been getting lots of love from us. Thank you again!

Charles and Tennile
Labrador dogs and puppies for sale


Hey Barbara, I just wanted to check in with you & let you know how Honey is doing. She is an amazing puppy & has been an awesome addition to our family. She is still doing wonderful with all of her commands. The other day she even went after a low flying bird & after catching it brought it to Justin. We were very impressed. She as actually getting ready to leave next week for a month of training at Swamp Creek Retrievers. She will stay for a month. Then come home for a month & go back for 2. Justin really wants to do field trials with her.

Catie, Justin and Raelyn
Chocolate Labrador puppies for sale near me

Jack Andrew Keppler

Good morning Ms. Barbara & Mr. Tyler, My first night in my new home was a success! I got up a couple times in the night, but my new family took turns taking me outside. My new big sister, Paisley, is so great! She got up with me too. And she is really good at running interference when I want to play with my older brother, Oliver, but he is too tired. He can be a bit of an old man sometimes and Paisley knows when I should or shouldn’t try to play with him. She also showed me around the house and the big backyard and we played…..A LOT! I ate lunch when I got home yesterday and I really enjoyed my dinner! My family has made an appointment to meet my vet, Dr. Ricky Poe. They have so many nice things to say about him, so I am excited to meet him soon. My two favorite things in my new house are my cozy kennel and my stuffed pheasant toy. Paisley and I like to play tug-of-war with it! My family promises to send you lots of pictures and updates! I miss everyone at Bailiwick!
Jordan Keppler
Golden retriever litters for sale


1st whole day in Alaska, we wanted to share this outside visit with Samantha. She is already following tracks and investigating them and fetching objects. We have not met her yet, but are amazed at how smart she is.
Thank you again.
Betty Warren
Lab puppies for sale in north Alabama


Barbara, Hope you and your family are doing well! Couple pictures of Bolt! He is just a great dog. Loves to retrieve, catch Frisbee, water, running, kids, other dogs. Easy to train, walk, load, ride, crate, socialize. One pic is out trip to Home Depot! Hope to introduce him to some ducks this fall. Big, strong, healthy, and confident. Perfect! Thanks, Baylor Coffman

Baylor Coffman
Brown lab puppies for sale near me


Katie slept through the night her 2nd night with us! She is amazing in every way!!!

Cathy Ritchie
best duck dogs


I cannot tell the amount of joy that Cobi has brought our family. We absolutely love her. She enjoys the river and the trails in Roswell as well as a good chase of anything that moves.

Her only downfall, if you can call it that, is she believes everyone adores her as we do.

Janice Flanagan
Cobi - American style Labrador Retriever breeders


Maggie Has earned her ukc HR title an 3 passes on her AKC Senior title traveled to Arkansas many of times during the Duck season an has picked up tons of ducks an geese couldn’t be more proud of this girl right here!!!
Joshua West
AKC Labrador breeders


First of all thank you for being Sammy’s first “people” Mom! You have done a truly amazing job. He has been socialized to the point that he has not cried one time. In all my years as a proud owner of dozens of amazing black lab pups/dogs, I have never had a pup that acclimated to a new home as quickly as our Sammy. I know you are not going to believe this but he never cried one time on his first night away from litter mates (I was prepared for the worst). He has moved right in like he was always a beloved member of our family…he comes when called (willingly and bouncily with tail wagging), he is so smart, ie. a pair of geese flew over our house as he was out to relieve himself and he actually tracked them, listened to their honking and looked at me like “what was that, what now?”. Never have I seen a dog so smart. We have always gotten our hunting/family dogs after a lot of research from bloodlines from Retriever Trial News. You have really smart, pliable, and sweet dogs with the Jet and Ranger breed!! All of this and Sammy is only 7 weeks old tomorrow. That is what is amazing, he is way ahead of his age. I could go on with examples as a trained eye on retrievers, but this is just the start of an amazing life for my little guy. I can’t thank you enough!!!!

VJ Peck
AKC Labrador breeders


Good evening Barbara!
Hope all is well! Our trainer sent a picture of Jake today and I wanted to share it with you. He’s absolutely beautiful! We will update you soon with how his training is going. Thanks for everything! We couldn’t be happier with our pup!
Matt and Melissa Carrier
Trained working Labradors for sale. Our pups are hunting dogs breeds.


Pekka and I on our annual North Dakota trip. I believe her bird count after 3 days is 10 ducks, 1 goose, 1 rooster, 4 Hungarian partridge. She’s doing a fantastic job! Thanks for the great pup!
Brian Mcdonald
Good bird dogs | Pekka Black Lab


A little update on Honey. She is a top notch duck dog and the most patient and loving girl with our two wild children (3 and1) She whines at her Dad if he misses a shot and eagerly goes after even the most difficult retrieve She loves retrieving ducks and snuggling with her beagle brother. She went 8 months at Swamp0 Creek retrieving and made us incredibly proud. We’ve had a lot of offers for breeding and others just want to buy her to run trials. But we can’t let her go. She has been the best dog we’ve had.
Katie, Justin and Raelyn


Ranger had a great first duck hunt today. He’s a great dog, well mannered, great temperament and an awesome nose. He’s received a lot of compliments
from friends, family and dog trainers.
Grice Hunt


Six years ago we got our dear loving Jeet from your wonderful kennel. I just wanted to thank you for that. I was recently browsing your website it was lovely to see many of Jeet’s replicas on your website. We are very proud of him. He is such a wonderful boy and a huge part of our family.


Just wanted to check in and see how you are doing. We’ve had an amazing year with our amazing new best friend Brady. He is the perfect fit for us and is the best companion I could ever ask for. Thank you so much for allowing us to buy him from you! We just celebrated at my mothers house with her black lab Mac and they together shared a doggie cookie cake and played with all his new toys.

Bailiwicks Red Oak Timber

Bailiwicks Red Oak Timber is 14 months. What a wonderful talented dog. Great Disposition, loving and easily trainable. He is fully whistle and hand trained. What an enjoyable companion.

Bob Moniger


Rip and Lisa, I just wanted to write a quick note to express how thankful we are for you two. This experience in getting Belle has been wonderful. The love and care that ya’ll show to your dogs is just wonderful. I thank the Lord for ya’ll and hope that he will continue to bless ya’ll. Once again thank you both. We will send updates of Belle often.

Love The Gilstraps….Steve, Michelle, Bo and Colt

The Gilstraps


Rip and Lisa are absolutely devoted to their dogs. It’s impressive to get at their farm and see everything so clean and organized. Lisa is definitely the definition of love, three words exchanged with her and I was in tears, passion is in her eyes, Rip is that unbelievable good type of man that you truly believe it doesn’t exist nowadays….but they both exist in an amazing doggy land up in Ranger/Georgia and they are unique. We have Leo for only 5 hours now, he is the son of Dallas and Cash, and honestly he is already impressing us with his very good behavior. I would give these two infinity stars if it was possible. Totally recommend them. 

Lara Henderson


We are extremely happy with our Bailiwick Labrador. He is intelligent, loyal, loving and a great addition to our family. Rip and Lisa were amazing to work with and even delivered our puppy due to a snowstorm. We are grateful we found Bailiwick Retrievers

Scott Young


These are some wonderful people with a great facility and some beautiful dogs. Our Ginger is blossoming into a fine bird dog.

Steve Christiansen


They breed fabulous dogs who are both gorgeous and smart! They are super easy to work with and helped us pull off a surprise for our kids. They love keeping up with their buyers because they are proud of their product and love to see their dogs thriving and making families happy! We are a satisfied customer!!!

Christy Ellis


Absolutely 100% dedicated breeder and excellent attention to detail. Communication with potential new puppy buyers is top notch. I could not be happier with my experience with Bailiwick Kennel, or my chocolate lab!

Brian Pimentel

Josie, Gus and Lucian

Great people! Great dogs! Great facility! Very friendly, answered every question we had. If you ever want a great quality lab this is the place! They are awesome!

Ashlee Renee Bradley


What a great place to get a new addition to your family. They answer all of your questions and set you and your puppy up for the new life you will have together!

David Anderson

Huckleberry and Finn

They are excellent with the puppies, we love Huck so much, he loves to ride in Shane’s jeep, loves to play outside and is very good to tell you when he has to go. He loves to sleep on someone’s foot. Willow takes excellent care of him and loves very minute of it. I would advise anyone looking for a great puppy to go to Bailiwick. The owners are wonderful and truly care about the puppies and the families they go too. I am in a wheelchair and when willow and Huck are at my house, we have so much fun. Very sincerely. Brenda Brown (Huck is my Granddoggie) 

Brenda Jackie Brown


We picked up our puppy two weeks ago. Felt like family the minute we walked in.  The facilities are top of the line. 100% recommend this kennel to anyone looking for a lab.

Carole S. Jackson

Johnny Cash

I have to say one more time that we are so happy with our Johnny Cash.

You guys are doing a wonderful job as a breeder. His personality is just great. He has no fears and is sometimes just a little careful if there’s something new. He is so incredibly good with other dogs and has never been in a fight. If there is a dog which behaves aggressive or if there’s a fight he always walks away and deescalates. He loves kids and is so gentle with then and old people……..

And I can see all this in all the other Bailiwick dogs when I see their stories on Facebook. You guys are wonderful!!! 

Marc & Silva Brinkmanship


I had such an amazing experience with Bailiwick Kennels. Lisa and Rip were a pleasure to work with. They treated me like family. I am also excited and in Love with the black puppy I got. Cheers to you Rip and Lisa. If you are in the market for a Labrador Retriever you would be remiss to not go with Bailiwick. 5/5 stars Would absolutely recommend.

Nes Farmer

Ellie Mae and Duke

When it came time to get another Lab, my wife and I did extensive research. We called breeders all over the country. I was willing to get on a plane and do whatever it took to find the best breeder. Until we met Bailiwick Kennels all the research and stress stopped there. We purchased not one but two puppies from them. Rip and Lisa were a pleasure to work with. They go way above and beyond the call of duty for their clients. Their communication and updates were awesome. I highly recommend Rip and Lisa at Bailiwick Kennels to anyone who is looking to add a beautiful addition to their family. You will not be disappointed.

Steve and Amy Wilson

Coal and Ruger

Great dogs! Loving, talented, energy, high drive, trainable, talented! I bought two dogs for my Dad and myself. Two different sets of Dams and Sires with the same great results. You’ll get what you pay for. The owners are great people, knowledgeable and professional with a passion for the dogs and providing customers with a great experience. They keep in contact with you for months and years after a great puppy buying experience. Couldn’t be happier that I got my gun dog from them. 

Jon Ladd

Loki and Wyatt

Everything!!!!! Rip and Lisa are amazing and truly caring people. Each and every puppy they have is a winner, Their true love for what they do, and for every single puppy born shows. Plus, the wonderful way you feel and become part of a family when you get a Bailiwick pup. We just got our second Bailiwick pup, in less than 7 months. An awesome experience from the very first time connecting with Bailiwick.

The Bedell Family

Sweet Georgia Brown

Merry Christmas Rip and Lisa. We had no idea how much goodwill this little pup would bring to our family. God bless you and all His creatures at Bailiwick this Christmas. 

Suzy Fodor LeSage

Toby and Guinness

Best big brother award goes to Toby. Not only did Guinness steal his bone and then lay on Toby’s bed but chewed the bone between Toby’s feet…….Guinness is the perfect addition to this family…

Michelle Redden Willison

Woodson and Arya

Do I love Bailiwick Kennel? Yes Yes Yes! Rip and Lisa are amazing giving and caring people. I stumbled upon their website about a year ago. I was looking for an American field lab and found Bailiwick. Lisa has answered any questions I have had. She always sends me pictures and videos of puppies. We got a puppy last September, his name is Woodson. He is the best dog we have ever had. Rip and Lisa love every puppy that is born from each one of their amazing girls. We are about to get our second Bailiwick puppy. Thank you Kimber! If you are looking for a quality puppy and a great experience, look no further than Bailiwick. 

Mary Gauthiers Evans


Maverick has his own title award Christmas tree. Not many test this year due to COVID but we found a couple to finish off his Master and Upland titles to go along with his Hunt Retriever Champion Title. Crazy year but so much to be thankful for. Merry Christmas and I hope Casey gets a stocking full of treats from Santa, Attached are his AKC and UKC ribbons plus his title ribbons Never dreamed Mav could accomplish all that he has. Mark Herrington

Mark Herrington


Merry Christmas from Thor and us.! He’s been with us a week and he’s really a remarkable pup. Such a good listener and always on his best behavior no matter where we go Hope y’all have a nice day.  

Stephanie Duncan


Sienna is a crabrador…..She finds all the blue crabs in the bay. Thank you for her!!!!!!!!!!! She is the smartest and best dog!!!!!!!!  

Sharon Gremald


Miss Lily is getting big. Today she visited the kindergarten classes and was swarmed with lots of love ad hugs!!!!!!! She LOVED it!!!!!!! 

Ariel Trader Knauff

Jet, Tuck and Memphis

I had to share this. I took the dogs on a walk this morning. We live by an elementary school, and there was a blind boy who was out for a walk with his helper learning to cross the street. He heard the dogs coming and his helper said, he likes dogs. I said, does he want to pet them? Memphis is my spunky one, Tuck is the jumper….they all slowly approached him. Jet sat down right next to him, and gently put her head in his hand. Tuck spelt approached him, didn’t jump. He just gently pet then. It was like they knew they had to be gentle with him. The tears……… 

Katie Kiihnl Leonard


My mother always said that the older you get the quicker the years pass by. I always laughed at her, but she was right!!!!!! It’s been almost two years since I picked you up at the airport and little did I know the friend I had brought into my life You’re an amazing athlete and have fun with every moment of all that you do. You make me laugh with the driven beast that you are. You happily greet me every time and gladly do all that I ask of you. you were the cutest and still are, just with a lot more slobber!!!!! Looking forward to many ore years of all the fun to come…Happy Birthday Mo man!!!!

Cindy Shields


Hi Barbara, Happy New Year from the Bresslers. We got Dutch from you back in Maay and I wanted to send some updated pics of this beautiful sweet boy. He is hands down the greatest dog who ever lived (no disrespect to his beloved predecessor labs in our house.) Really tho, so sweet and the envy of all the neighborhood.
The Bresslers


I have to tell you Finley is just amazing. So smart and really coming into his own. We completed a training course with him and the trainer with 20 plus years told us he was the most energetic dog she had ever trained. He definitely keeps us busy.

Chrissy Way Koczenasz


We have been celebrating miller’s birthday today with a long walk, presents and treats….He has fit so well into our family and we just LOVE him!!!!!!! He is doing really well and has been working on off leash training with a local dog trainer. We just love him!!!!!!!!!.

Katie Look


Merry Christmas! Benelli had her second round of shots here. She is completely potty trained and has learned sit, here and place. She’s retrieving ad bringing back a ball on short distances. She’s a sweetie but taking the alpha role already! LOL

Brad Wiggs


Bud has retrieved 6 ducks since last Saturday and 4 opening day of duck season. He also did a 75 yard blind retrieve across the pond.

Noah Wimpey


Thought I would send a Birthday picture of Branch. He turned one last week and is the best boy!! He loves chasing the tennis balls, swimming in the Gulf, bay, pool and going wherever I go!! So glad I found you guys and added this guy to me life!!!

Wayland and Daniel Rock


Thank you so much for all your assistance during this important process for our family. We could have not chosen a better place than you to get the new member of our family.



Hi Rip I just wanted to let you know that I am soooo happy with my decision to get one of your puppies! My little guy was from Stela/Slayton litter and I honestly could not be more happy with him! He is honestly the smartest, most driven dog I’ve been around! His training has been going absolutely phenomenal! I’m sure he is going to be retrieving ducks/geese for me this fall. We actually named him Rip (from Yellowstone) but I just wanted to give you guys an update, this is by far the best dog that I’ve ever had and he’s only 7 months old! I will definitely be getting another puppy off Bailiwick in the future! You guys are awesome and have awesome dogs!!

Nick and Maddie


I have to say I am floored. I’ve never seen a dog so well adjusted. Every one I’ve ever had would come home and there would be an adjustment period; Remi just decided that we were family and hasn’t been ill at ease even once. I don’t get it, but we love it! His favorite places are in Mom’s arms or sleeping on Dad.

Jon and Leah


Just wanted to update you on Pistol. This boy has stolen my heart completely. He is the sweetest boy in the world. He loves being outdoors and can’t wait for our weather to break so he can get back to sticks, balls and frisbees. I can’t get over the joy he has brought to us. Words can’t explain how thankful I am that I came across the Bailiwick page. Thank you guys for the best puppies ever.

Jennifer Ball


HR Let’s Go My Echo Earned his HRC seasoned title this past weekend at the Highlands SC Hunt Test. This dog lives for a duck hunt and being in the field. He always earns the crowd favorite role due to his high drive. The judges love him even though he seems like he could be so combustible. Too many times people have tried to buy him from us or have asked to breed for field trials with another female. Thought you guys would be proud to know he’s living his best life doing exactly what he loves to do…..