Shipping a Puppy is not a problem. We take great care to make sure your puppy does not have to stay confined to the kennel any longer than absolutely necessary. Delta too takes great steps to consider the comfort and welfare of your precious cargo. Attached are information sheets, from Delta, to help with any questions you might have.

Our full bred labs for sale can be shipped almost anywhere in the United States. Whether you are seeking black lab puppies for sale in NC or chocolate lab puppies for sale in SC. Our shed antler dogs and American lab puppies for sale are safely transported directly to you.

Costs of shipping:

1. Remington Crate: Med $59.00, Large $79.00

2. Health Certificate: $30.00

3. Airport Delivery: $85.00

4. Airline expense:

This depends on location…

Example: Atlanta to New York, Phoenix, Chicago, LA, or Miami will all run around $242.90 (As of 7/26/2011)

(This is based on a Medium crate and the puppy not more than 14 pounds)

I can give you an exact quote when you let me know the closest Airport to you.

We make all the arrangements for you, give you all the information regarding arrival and pick up location. The puppy can be shipped collect with payment due upon pickup at the airport. The Health Certificate guarantees the puppy is in excellent health when it is delivered to the airport. The Airlines assume responsibility at that time and until delivery. Additional insurance can be taken out to protect your investment at 60 cents per $100.00.